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Operational Support 

Service Contracts

To have a properly functioning biogas facility it is imperative that certain maintenance protocols be developed and followed. Our maintenance programs cover all aspects of support required to efficiently manage a biogas plant, including emergency maintenance, scheduled service, remote system monitoring and biological support. Depending on operator capabilities, time constraints and budgets, we will work with you to develop a program that includes only the required support.

Plant Remote Monitoring

To ensure the highest uptime, all plants are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities. This gives the operator the ability to monitor how the plant is operating at all times of the day. DLS Biogas can also remotely monitor the performance of your facility, allowing our service team to diagnose issues before they lead to a plant shut down. This often saves the customer the expense of a service call, and allows our staff to come prepared to your facility should on site assistance be required.

Plant Biological Support

To assist plant operators in keeping their plants biologically stable, we will coordinate any required substrate analysis and help interpret the lab results. In the past, we have been heavily involved in lab testing, which has given us the knowledge and experience needed to ensure we follow the standards of the lab and properly apply the results to maintain plant stability. The most common tests include Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP), Total and Volatile Solids (TS/VS), and Volatile Organic Acids/Total (FOS/TAC).

24 Hour Service and Parts

We strive to design and construct our facilities to have the highest uptime possible. However, we realize with any mechanical process there will be instances when parts or emergency service are needed. Through our remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities we are able to diagnose issues from our centrally located facility, laptops, tablets and smart phones. In many cases, we will get you back online remotely. Should the need for parts or assistance be required we have a team of experienced technicians ready to go to your site to fix the issue.

Specialty Services

Standby Heating Trailer

We offer a 1.2 million BTU mobile heating service for new system start-ups and to prevent plant cooling should your generator be out of commission. This is a valuable contingency plan for existing plants as the digester needs heat to maintain the process.

Multiple SCBA Certifications

The DLS Biogas service team has acquired multiple SCBA and confined space certifications allowing us to offer a variety of complex repair solutions such as gas bladder welding within active digesters and most confined space entry work.

Engine Services

Our CHP service crew has the training and the knowledge to properly service and troubleshoot a variety of engine and generator issues.

Welding Work

DLS is capable of performing all welding processes in house or on site. We boast a 5400sq.ft fabrication shop that is fully functional with welding machines of all processes, as well as numerous welding trucks. More importantly though DLS has invested in fabricators who are highly skilled and specialized to perform all your welding needs.


We have several cranes and other heavy duty equipment at our disposal allowing us to better serve you better.