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About Us

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to delivering the best biogas plants on the market and to provide full service support for all aspects of your biogas installation. In doing so, we strive to continue building the highest quality plants, that are user friendly and require the lowest maintenance while producing optimal runtimes.

Our Vision

In keeping with our mission statement, we are constantly searching for ways to improve our systems to be the most reliable biogas plants in North America. We are able to do this because of our industry experience, serviceability, building and manufacturing skills, a proven CHP Supplier and a DLS agitation mixing system. We have exclusive rights in North America to this system, and it has become more dependable than conventional complete mix (CCM) systems as there are no mechanical components within the digester. This means that all service and maintenance can be performed externally—which significantly reduces any potential downtime. Furthermore, the nozzle mix system has fewer limitations as it allows for more versatile feeding schedules and feedstocks.


The DLS Biogas design and installation crew is highly skilled and trained in building biogas plants. Each crew member is trained to excel at a variety of skills allowing plants to be built faster and with higher quality and consistency. Our name is on everything we do and our crew is passionate about perfecting the finished product. They demand excellence from each other and that has been a critical part of our success.