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DLS Digester

The DLS Biogas digester tank is superior to competing tanks for several reasons. First, we only work with one concrete company to build our tanks for reasons that stem beyond consistency.

Our concrete partner has invested in a forming system used to build tanks in Germany and Italy. This forming system is superior in that there are no ties in the concrete which eliminates the potential for future leaking, and it also creates a well-rounded tank with a higher quality finish. Second we build larger tanks than our competitors. Our philosophy behind this is that with a bigger tank the retention time and gas storage is greater. With a longer retention time we make better use of feedstock’s, which leads to more revenue. Third we incorporate unique techniques for reducing foam and H₂S levels in the digester. Fourth we work with the best manufacturers in Germany to use top of the line gas handling equipment. Lastly, we make sure our digester is well insulated for the North American winters and we use the best membrane roof system available.