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When you think about it what other renewable energy sources are as readily available as biogas and offer as many environmental benefits. Biogas runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It does not rely on the sun or wind for power. We are just beginning to tap into the growth potential of the biogas industry here in North America.

DLS Biogas is an active member of the Biogas Association. Both DLS Biogas and the Biogas Association are leading the biogas industry to attain a cleaner and greener energy source throughout Canada. With energy in such high demand today, and the source of biogas energy readily available, biogas appears to be the natural next step for sustainable power production.

Please visit the Biogas Associations website to learn more about biogas in general:

If are looking for an in depth study you will want to make sure to read the Canadian Biogas Study:
Canadian Biogas Study (PDF)